Lesson 2: Installing IDE ( Code::Blocks )

In the first lesson I told you that I will use Code::Blocks in my tutorials. So I told you to download that. If you did not download Code::Blocks yet, you can download from here.

In this post I am going to tell you how to install Code::Blocks in your PC. Remember that I am writing these tutorials for the beginners who are interested in Computer Programming. So I am showing the procedure of installing Code::Blocks.

After downloading the Code::Blocks installer open it. You will see a window like this.

Simply click on Next button. You will now see the License Agreement window.

If you wish you can read the license. ( Actually I don’t read. I just click I Agree :p ). If you agree to the license the click on I Agree button. ( You must click on that button to Install ). You will be able to see a new window like this:

Just click on the button labeled Next. A new window will appear.

From this window select the destination of your program installation. By default it installs on C:\Programs Files. Click on Next. Now you will see the installation process.

After finishing installation you will see a dialogue box like this.

Click on Yes if you want to run Code::Blocks right now. No if you don’t want. I am clicking on No.

From this window click on Next button.

Finally click on Finish button to finish installation.

Hurrah! You have successfully installed Code::Blocks on your PC. See the next post to write your first C program in Code::Blocks.


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